Here's a quick snapshot of a intern's experience working professionally in industry. Learn all about Akshat's early career journey in engineering including the opportunities and challenges he's gone through whilst on the job.

Akshat Sharma

Name: Akshat Sharma 

Location: Western Australia 

University and Course: Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems, Edith Cowan University

Graduation: 2022

Where did you undertake your internship?

2020 - Furbish (Startup) – Intern (1 month)
2022 – Nexxis Technologies – Intern (Jan 2022 – present)

Why did you choose to complete an internship early in your degree?

To gain a better understanding of the theoretical aspects I studied and get exposure of how things are done in the electrical, robotics and automation industry

How did you find out about your internship opportunity?

The very first one, Furbish, an email about it came from the School of Engineering admin. I applied for it and got a phone interview, which I passed and got in.

For Nexxis, I met a representative from the company at one of the events at ECU. Our conversation about robotics went well, which eventually turned into an informal interview.

What influenced you to apply for the position?

Harris Kmon solution is one of Darwin's fastest-growing structural engineering companies, with an elite bunch of engineers. So I decided that I should apply for this internship position as it could give me the required exposure to build a solid foundation to kick-start my career.

What opportunities has your internship given you?

The hands-on work experience that I am getting at Nexxis is invaluable. Also, having done some hands-on work early in my degree would definitely make me more employable as the companies want graduates who have practical skills.

What was the biggest challenge you faced during your internship?

The main challenges I faced when I was applying for internships was not being eligible for most of the internships since I am an international student. 

During my internship, I haven't really face many challenges since the staff at Nexis are very helpful and they provide proper guidance. 

What was the main thing that you learnt during your internship that you’ve since been able to apply to your professional life/studies?

As an intern at Nexxis, I discovered it is vital to be enthusiastic and be open to all the challenges.I was able to learn the value of communication; being able to communicate and asking questions is really important at the workplace as well as in real life to get clarification on thing you might not know.