Welcome to the next step in your career as an engineer! We want you to enjoy the journey as you find your groove in the profession. As a graduate with a few years’ experience, you are probably interested in how you can step up and set yourself apart from your engineering colleagues. Becoming a Chartered Engineer will help you do that.

So, just like the qualification you aced, working towards the Chartered credential can provide the guidance you need to gain the practical experience and knowledge that all engineers require!

Our ten top tips

  1. Have a genuine discussion with your manager about your aim to become a chartered engineer. You’d be surprised how many companies support their employees to become Chartered and you’re probably going to impress your manager with your proactive thinking and future planning!
  2. Read the appropriate Australian Engineering Competency Standards document for you thoroughly - Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist or Engineering Associate including “What is expected of an experienced …” and “Demonstration of Competence”.
  3. Start the habit of recording your CPD through Engineers Australia eCPD log or use a spreadsheet to collate all your relevant activity – this could include, events, discussions, networks, workplace training, safety training, site inductions, anything where you are learning related to your engineering role.
  4. Start collecting the evidence you need to present in your chartered application. Keep a file or physical portfolio of work alongside your qualification and resumes.
  5. Start navigating the EA Self-Assessment Tool and use it to rate yourself and see any areas for improvement. This tool is perfect for your performance reviews, goal setting and understanding how you are progressing on competencies.
  6. Keep your CV up to date. Be confident and present yourself in a positive and professional manner. Include the date of your qualification(s) and contact details. Tell us about your career including employer, role, responsibilities and what you have achieved. Don’t just list the projects you have worked on.
  7. Look at the EA events monthly (or sign up to the EA event alerts if you haven’t already) to see what events are happening near you that can help you gain more knowledge.
  8. Find a mentor – bonus points if they are a chartered engineer themselves. You can do this through Engineers Australia’s many events and programs. Don’t be shy – if you’re having trouble finding someone, ask us to introduce you to some people at the next event.
  9. If you haven’t already, watch the EA Get Started, Get Chartered Videos on YouTube. They have all the information you need to know.
  10. Remember it’s not just about the credential but about being the best professional engineer you can be - so have fun!


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