The first impression we make on people is crucial. That’s why introducing yourself with a strong “elevator speech” is so important. Elevator pitches aren’t just for the elevator, use them every time you meet someone new in a professional setting – careers fair, networking event or when asked about yourself at an interview. They say that people make up their mind about who you are to them in the first 30 seconds of meeting – this is how to make those seconds count.

So what exactly is an elevator pitch?

It is a 30-60 second marketing tool to introduce who you are and what you offer someone or a company.

The purpose of your pitch should be to connect with the other professional, it should not be about getting a job. The key to any connection is authenticity.

What is your pitch made of?

  1. First of all your name – always a great place to start if you have never met a person before.
    Eg. My name is Mary Mandwell

  2. Then what you are doing – Your position/company, or course/university
    Eg. I am a third year chemical engineering student at University of New South Wales

  3. Then your Unique Selling Point (USP). What are you doing / or want to do in this

  4. Eg. I am currently completing research in energy storage.

  5. Then what you can offer the person
    Eg. I think Australia needs to focus on developing their energy resources for future use.

  6. Bring it all together
    Eg. Hi there, my name is Mary and I am a third year chemical engineering student at University of New South Wales who specialises in energy storage and have some innovative ideas on the future of Australia’s energy resources.

Other tips for pitch perfection:

  • Rehearse and practice your pitch

  • Be unique and honest – authenticity is best

  • Conclude with an open ended question to gauge your audience