Student Work Readiness Series 

Helping you to close the gap between your studies and professional working life, so that you can hit the ground running and be work-ready. 

From speaking with engineering students and universities, we know that students can find it difficult to transition from university life to working life.

While students have the technical, engineering knowledge they require more fundamental soft skills to apply in everyday work life. This series has been developed to give you the tools you'll need to stay a step ahead on your engineering journey. 

How do I access?

The Student Work Readiness Series has been developed exclusively for Engineers Australia members and will be housed on EA OnDemand.

Accessing the Student Work Readiness Series is simple - Click on the link below that will take you to the EA OnDemand platform, then register and create a profile, including your EA Member ID.

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You will need to log in to the EA OnDemand each time you want to access the Student Work-Readiness Series. 

Start watching the first video in the series, Optimise Productivity below. Stay tuned for more videos as they are live on EA OnDemand. 

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Watch the Work Ready Series:

Video 1: Optimise Productivity

In this first video, you will learn about the effective ways to optimise productivity and manage conflicting priorities.

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Video 2: Personal Resilience and Stress Tolerance

In this episode, there are tips and tricks to manage stress levels in various situations as well as ways to build your personal resilience. 

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Video 3: Confidence Self-Mastery

Learn ways to master your self-confidence in different situations such as job interviews, networking opportunities, and when starting your first job. 

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Video 4: Leadership and Influence

Advance in your career and learn the essentials of how to become an effective leader and apply positive influence in situations. 

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Video 5: Creativity and Innovation

Need some inspiration? In this video, we'll explore ways to tap into your creativity and come up with innovative ways to express yourself in different situations. 

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Video 6: Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving

Find out about the skills required that will enable you to use critical thinking to solve complex problems and plan for the future. 

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Video 7: Understanding Others and Social Influence

What is social influence and how can it help you understand others?

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Video 8: Leadership Presence and Impact

Understand what leadership presence is and how it can help you in your career.

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Video 9: Defining Your Career Requirements 

Learn useful tools to help you define your career requirements, from your choice of area of practice through to finding a company that aligns with your values. 

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Video 10: Interview Excellence

Learn the tips and tricks on how you can excel in your interviews. 

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