Event Snapshot

Date: Tuesday 7 February 2023
Time: 5.00pm - 6.30pm (AEDT)

Where: Online webinar

Cost: Graduate members: Free, Non-members: $30


Event Details

This webinar is part of the YEA CPD Series. 

Being taken seriously as a young engineer can feel like an uphill battle.

On one hand there is still so much to learn (and don't they like to remind us!) while on the other, fresh eyes bring fresh perspectives on how to improve systems, workflows and procedures. If only they'd take a moment to hear you out...

Luckily, your wisdom doesn't have to fall on deaf ears with just a touch of influence!

That means no more waiting years to climb the ranks...

No more feeling helping helpless and frustrated...

No more standing by in silence...

Influence is a powerful tool that gives us the opportunity to make our workplaces and lives a better place, today. But with great power comes great responsibility (thank you, Spiderman) and influence is sadly misunderstood by many.  For example, did you know that influence is an ever-evolving skill set that requires nurturing and developing?

In part one, you will discover:

  • The 3 C's that comprise the foundation of real influence in the 21st century
  • Key trends that make or break the success of your influence, long-term
  • What to expect both internally and externally on your journey to becoming a key person of influence

At the end of the presentation, you are invited to join Lindsey for a 30-minute meet-the-speaker session.

About the speaker

Lindsey Leigh Hobson, Founder, The Learning Collective

Lindsey Leigh Hobson elevates forward-thinking organisations and their emerging leaders to create the ultimate next generation of leadership.

Lindsey Leigh is an active team manager across multiple industries, an award-winning Speaker, and a qualified Life Coach. She is the Founder of The Learning and Development Collective, where she leads a network of over 300 learning and development professionals from some of Australia's biggest corporates such as Deloitte, BDO and ANZ.