What if a problem occurs during the internship?

Ensure you have the contact details for the student’s university, and keep regular open communication.

Where possible, address the issue with the student first, as it may be a matter of misunderstanding.

Is there a requirement for the assessment of the intern?

The student’s university will be able to advise whether there are any requirements for assessment and the form that they should take.

What are the student’s responsibilities?

  • Ensuring all safety standards are met
  • Behaving professionally and responsibly
  • Maintaining confidentiality requirements for information accessed during the internship

Why aren’t we receiving applications for our internship role?

If you aren’t receiving applications, there are a number of areas in your job description you can examine.

  • Are you conveying the benefits of working with your organisation?
  • Is your internship program offering clear and easily understandable?
  • Are you targeting the right market?
  • Does your internship timeline fit around exam times?
  • If it is an unpaid position, are there similar advertisements for paid positions?