Workplaces are more aware and active in providing protection for and celebrating LGBTIQA+ professionals than ever before. Yet, the number of employees who are open about their diverse sexual or gender orientation at work has decreased significantly in the past year.

Join us, as we launch InterEngineer - a network of LGBTQIA+ engineering professionals and allies from metro, regional & remote Australia - and host a discussion on the ingredients of healthy workplace cultures, the importance of leadership and allyship, and tangible actions we can all take to create a workplace culture that is truly inclusive and safe.

Our panellists Kate Summers and Taylor Cougle are high achieving LGBTQIA+ members of the Engineering industry who will share their career journeys and thoughts on the importance of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The event will be introduced by Engineers Australia Board Director Hurol Inan and hosted by inaugural InterEngineer co-chairs Matthew Tendam and Caitlin Launt. 


Kate Summers
Kate Summers is a highly respected engineer with 26 years of experience within the power industry. She is currently working as Technical Executive - Power Operations with WSP.

Kate has contributed significantly to the integration of renewable energy through technical regulatory and practical work. She has been a most dynamic and effective advocate for and on behalf of the power system as the most essential service that underpins the well-being of Australia’s economy.

Kate is the National Professional Electrical Engineer of the Year 2020. She is a strong advocate for diversity in the Engineering Industry, including encouraging people from underrepresented and non-traditional groups to enter the profession.

Taylor Cougle

Taylor Cougle has had over 34 years national and international experience within Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Retail and Business Consultancy. She continues to deliver value to both internal and external stakeholders and insights that are not necessarily industry focused to produce positive outcomes for enterprises no matter what industry they are in. 

Taylor is currently an Operations Coordinator, a Gender Diversity Champion and a proud transgender woman within a major infrastructure services company covering telecommunications, water, transport, energy, defence, resources and social infrastructure.

Her passions include mentoring within the LGBTIQ community, gender diversity advocacy, charity work, software engineering and Renewable energy. She has recently been awarded the Ventia Award for driving Gender Diversity, Ms Transgender Worldwide 2020 and Role Model for Transgender and Gay Worldwide Pageant as well as Miss Congeniality and Miss Charity for the MGMTAI Pageant.

Hurol Inan

The event will be introduced by Hurol Inan, Board Director at Engineers Australia.

Hurol is a digital transformation consultant and currently occupies multiple roles including the chief executive of the Australasian business of a leading global digital agency, and a university advisory board membership on the future of workforce.

Hurol has completed a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering in Turkey and a master’s of science degree in England. During his over 25 years of professional experience in Australia, he has worked across industries including retail, insurance, financial services, travel and government. During this time, he has also gained overseas experience in the USA and South Korea.

In earlier parts of his career, Hurol worked for two major consultancies, Accenture and Deloitte, and then founded a specialist digital marketing and technology consulting business called Bienalto which was acquired by WPP’s Wunderman in 2012. Since the acquisition, he has held executive management roles in Wunderman.

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