International University Students: Engineering Your Future

International students face particular challenges in accessing work integrated learning, which is why we believe it’s imperative to have a dedicated program. This pilot program operating in Darwin will provide a 4-5 hour company placement and networking workshop designed for international engineering students to improve their employment opportunities. 

The program has two parts: 

Be an "Engineer for a Day"
Building relationships with industry is imperative for international students. The ‘engineer for a day’ activities will increase the wellbeing, social connections and employment opportunities of international engineering students by placing them with an engineering company in Darwin for 4-5 hours. 

Networking Workshop and Event
The networking workshop will create an understanding of why networking with industry is so important for future career goals, and provide tips on how to network effectively. Current and former international students will be invited to participate in the workshop and share their stories. A networking event with engineering industry representatives will be held after the workshop, to put learnings into practice.


Who is the program for?


To be eligible to participate in this pilot program you must be;

- A current student member of Engineers Australia 
- An international student 
- Enrolled in an accredited engineering course, based in Darwin

Why should I get involved?


Building relationships with industry is imperative for students. Our aims for the program are:

- To create opportunities for international students
- To promote the benefits and value international students can bring to a business.

What is the time commitment? 


4-5 hours for the Work Integrated Learning session.
2-3 hours for the networking workshop and event.

The WIL’s will take place from August through to September 2022. Each WIL will be limited to one or two
students for a more personal approach. The timeframe of the WIL is 4 hours, and a morning or afternoon
session can be selected.

The networking event will be held in October 2022.

This project is sponsored by Study NT through the International Student Wellbeing Grants Program