Hear from the students that have done it already and learn about their experiences working in industry. Learn all about Sia's early career journey in engineering including the opportunities and challenges she's had to go through whilst on the job. 

Sia Dubey


Name: Sia Dubey

Location: Western Australia

University and Course: Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) majoring in Engineering and Data Science, The University of Western Australia

Graduation: End of 2024 or early 2025

Where did you undertake your internship?

I had my internship at Alcoa of Australia in the Global Capital Projects Department (Mining industry). 

Why did you choose to complete an internship early in your career? 

To transition from the theoretical world of university and explore what a career in engineering involves.

How did you find out about your internship opportunity?

Attending networking events orgainsed by University clubs and Engineers Australia, working on my Resume and LinkedIn profile by attending  UWA Career Events.

What opportunities has your internship given you?

The vacation program at Alcoa helped me secure an internship at Wood and explore different areas of engineering. I am currently working as a Specialist Engineering and Consulting Intern at Wood in the Subsea Industry.

What advantages has completing the internship given you? 

Completing an internship in my first year helped me understand what tasks engineers perform in the workplace and helped me develop my understanding of technical engineering drawings and projects, and further develop my presentation, time management and communication skills.

What was the biggest challenge you faced during your internship?

The biggest challenge I faced was understanding engineering terminology, technical drawings and organising meetings. I made sure to ask lots of questions to improve my understanding and skills.

Also, writing professional emails and time management were crucial skills that I developed during my internship.

What was the main thing that you learnt during your internship that you’ve since been able to apply to your professional life/studies?

Time management, Professional writing skills, Communication and Teamwork are the most essential skills I developed through my internship. Also, understanding technical engineering terms, drawings and documents helped me put things learnt at university into real life contexts and applications.