Upgrading to Graduate Membership

Congratulations on finishing university! This is a very exciting time of your life. 

Are you ready to upgrade your Engineers Australia student membership to graduate membership?

There are three easy steps to upgrade your membership:

1. Qualifications

Obtain a copy of your award certificate or testamur and official academic transcript for your Australian tertiary qualification in engineering.

Note: If you wish to join before your graduation ceremony you can supply a copy of your completion letter from your university.

2. Identification

Have a copy of at least one primary identification document on hand.

Valid documents include:

  • Driver's license
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
3. Lodge your application

Log into MyPortal with your existing EA ID to lodge your application. 

Upgrade to Graduate Membership

For more information or assistance with upgrading your membership, please contact our Member Services Team Mon-Fri 8:30am -  6PM AEST on 1300 653 113 via email at [email protected]

Upgrade to Graduate Membership

Still Studying?

Jump into MyPortal and update your details and then let us know the month and year you think you'll be finishing so we don't lose contact.

Update your Contact Details

Update your Graduation Details

Want to know more about graduate member benefits?

Upgrading to graduate membership with Engineers Australia will help you on your career journey by providing you with the following resources, tools and benefits.

Careers Hub

Full of useful resources to help you get a head start in your professional journey.

Members-only jobs board

With early career opportunities from top engineering employers all over the country.

Events and networking

Hundreds of local events, conferences and networking opportunities for young engineers happening around the country every day.

CPD Webinars

Happening twice every month with free CPD webinars and tech talks exclusively for Grad members to support, develop and grow early career engineers.

Bite Sized Learning

Hit the ground running and become the best you can be with our short form learning modules covering a range of soft skills.

Mentor Match

Be paired with an experienced Chartered mentor and receive invaluable industry insight and guidance.

Young Engineers Australia Communities

A local community of likeminded peers to be a part of for life!

Exclusive member discounts and offers

A little something extra we like to share with our members.