Learn about engineering internships and how they can benefit your organisation from Sunny Pack, Lead Hardware and Research and Development at Ohmie Co. Sunny's intern was Hana El Chanti.

Why did you select this particular student for the internship opportunity?

Hana demonstrated excellent aptitude and had a positive attitude and culture that matched our organisation well.

What is your favourite story / memory about this internship?

Assembling the first PCBs with Hana and the rest of the Team was an enlightening experience. Seeing all their hard work and time culminate in a single set of ‘real’ hardware really brings to light the impact they have on the project and it shows!

Were you directly involved with the supervision of the student on placement?

Yes, I was in charge of both recruitment and supervision of the Students during their placement. We had bi-weekly meetings and catchups with regular reviews and updates of their work.

Our role emphasises individual learning and growth whilst also integrating deeply in a highly interdependent interdisciplinary team. This experience allowed me to accelerate my management capabilities whilst also reviewing my fundamentals. Very rewarding.

How long does an internship with your organisation normally go for?

The internship normally spans three to six months depending on University requirements. After the requirements they can elect to voluntarily continue placement or apply for advancement into paid positions (if available).

What form of support did you receive from the student’s university?

Their career hub gave us access to a recruitment pool.