Engineers Australia's calendar of activity for young engineers contains two pieces of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) content each month created to support, develop and grow early career engineers. The calendar is made up of three series: the YEA CPD Series, YEA Tech Talk Series and the YEA Collaboration Series

YEA CPD Series

The Young Engineers CPD series has been put together exclusively by young engineers for young engineers and is designed to support you on your career journey into the professional world.

The series aims to provide educational content that bridges the gap between what you learn at university and what you need to know in the workplace by delivering learning opportunities that you can practically apply on the job.

YEA Tech Talk Series

The Young Engineers Tech Talk Series will regularly profile technology platforms, programs and solutions, or topics of a technical nature, and will be pitched specifically at early career engineers.

YEA Collaboration Series

The YEA Collaboration Series has been created to provide young engineers with insights into how they can effectively interact with other professions within the scope of their day-to-day roles.

It is designed to provide practical tips, reference points and takeaways that can be used to help facilitate more constructive communication and interaction.

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CPD Recording Platform

Keeping an online record of your CPD just got easier. Engineers Australia has upgraded its online CPD recording platform to simplify how you keep your logs up-to-date and ready for your next audit. 

Click here to find more about how to access the upgraded CPD recording platform.

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Webinar Topics

Tech Talk with BECA (Recording available soon)

Time Management under Pressure 

Principles of Learning

Tech Talk with CADgroup (Recording available soon)

Tech Talk with Interscale Pty Ltd

Fast-track Onboarding: How to Move Quickly in your New Job 

Competency Without Tears (or Liability): The Pathway for Ethical, Professional, Practicing Engineers

Tech Talk with Bentley Systems

Best Practices of Digital Workflow and Digital Twins in the Construction Industry 

Tech Talk with CADgroup (Recording available soon)

How you can contribute to a great corporate culture (as a young engineer)

Tech Talk with Hexagon (Recording available soon)

Values and Purpose - Building strong career foundations

Tech Talk with Interscale Pty Ltd

Story Telling: The universal tool for understanding, engagement, and memorability

Tech Talk with Autodesk (Recording available soon)

Whistleblowing on a $20.7m fraud. Then what?

Ethics - Recognising and Dealing with Unethical Situations

Navigating Difficult Conversations

More than just the facts: The essential guide to communicating technical topics to non-technical people


Moving into team management - stepping into a new leadership role

In this YEA CPD Series webinar, we will discuss the skills needed to effectively and efficiently lead your team. From managing a team for the first team to recruiting new members without disrupting the team culture, you'll be able to learn the skills required to build and maintain a balanced team.

Tuesday 9 August 2022

5.00pm - 6.00pm (AEST)

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Enhancing health and safety with 360 virtual reality (VR)

Through the collaboration of design and innovation, we have more opportunities to explore new ideas. In this webinar, as part of the YEA Collaboration Series, we will discuss how bringing an idea to life, through its inception to execution as our guest speaker Madelein shares her insights of using 360VR in Health and Safety. 

You'll be able to learn all about Madeleine's project in exploring the use of 360 videos to provide employees a realistic yet safe experience of high-risk work environments and construction sites from the safety of the office. Key takeaways include the importance of stakeholder mapping and engagement, including change management and the ability to use design models in everyday work and projects. 

Tuesday 20 September 2022

5.00pm - 6.00pm (AEST)

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Concurrent engineering - enabling multiple projects simultaneously

In this YEA CPD Series webinar, we will discuss what Concurrent Engineering is, its challenges and how to overcome them.Guy Masin and Mark Rowland from Hexagon PPM will present using real-life examples how multiple Brownfield and Greenfield projects can be executed in an effective parallel manner. 

Tuesday 18 October 2022

5.00pm - 6.00pm (AEDT)

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