Engineers Australia's calendar of activity for young engineers contains two pieces of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) content each month created to support, develop and grow early career engineers. The calendar is made up of three series: the YEA Professional Skills Series, YEA Data Visualisation Series and the YEA Collaboration Series

YEA Professional Skills Series

The Young Engineers Professional Development series has been put together exclusively by young engineers for young engineers and is designed to support you on your career journey into the professional world.

The series aims to provide educational content that bridges the gap between what you learn at university and what you need to know in the workplace by delivering learning opportunities that you can practically apply on the job.

YEA Data Visualisation Series

In our increasingly data-driven world, it’s more important than ever to have accessible ways to view and understand data. The demand for data skills in employees is increasing each year and it is becoming essential for employees to understand data and its impact and to develop the skills and ability to present data to non-technical audiences.

YEA Collaboration Series

The YEA Collaboration Series has been created to provide young engineers with insights into how they can effectively interact with other professions within the scope of their day-to-day roles.

It is designed to provide practical tips, reference points and takeaways that can be used to help facilitate more constructive communication and interaction.

Record your CPD

Keeping an online record of your CPD just got easier. Engineers Australia has upgraded its online CPD recording platform to simplify how you keep your logs up-to-date and ready for your next audit. 

Click here to find more about how to access the upgraded CPD recording platform.

How to record your CPD: Login to your EA portal account to record your CPD. Go to the MyEA tile or tab and select Record CPD.

Watch all the previous YEA CPD webinars on EA OnDemand!

YEA Professional Skills Series

The basics of business development and sales

Your guide to pitching as an engineer

Elevate your emotional intelligence for career success

Time Management under Pressure 

Principles of Learning

Fast-track Onboarding: How to Move Quickly in your New Job 

Competency Without Tears (or Liability): The Pathway for Ethical, Professional, Practicing Engineers

How you can contribute to a great corporate culture (as a young engineer)

Values and Purpose - Building strong career foundations

Story Telling: The universal tool for understanding, engagement, and memorability

Whistleblowing on a $20.7m fraud. Then what?

Ethics - Recognising and Dealing with Unethical Situations

Navigating Difficult Conversations

More than just the facts: The essential guide to communicating technical topics to non-technical people

YEA Tech Talk Series

Concurrent Engineering - enabling multiple projects simultaneously

Net negative carbon new thinking through simulation design

Technology-enabled construction and the importance of infrastructure digital twins

Electrification, connectivity and AI: How can you be a part of today's megatrends?

Enhancing engagment with conversational artificial intelligence (AI)

Digital collaboration tool for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industries

Digital twins for engineering: Theory and practice

Best Practices of Digital Workflow and Digital Twins in the Construction Industry 

Design & data management in the digital engineering world

Practical approaches to the AI revolution for civil engineers

The digital engineering revolution has arrived 

Automated to advanced BIM clash detections 

Collaboration and data management in design and manufaturing

What is BIM?

YEA Collaboration Series

Vehicle Development - what's important and how to influence it

Collaborating with Architects - leveraging the greatest value 

Building engaged stakeholder networks on projects 

Enhancing health and safety with 360 virtual reality (VR)

Finance for non-finance professionals 

Networking and relationship building with colleagues and clients

YEA Video Snippet Series

These are short videos (5 to 10 minutes) available exclusively on EA OnDemand, and have been designed as additional learning opportunities that will complement the topics covered in the YEA CPD series. 

Finance Snippet Series

 Presented by Jeremy Khoh CA, Power of Zero Coaching

  1. Finance Fundamentals
  2. Profit and Loss Basics
  3. Balance Sheet Basics
  4. Cash Flow Statement Basics
  5. Reading Financial Statements
  6. Specific Finance Areas
  7. Budgeting and Forecasting
  8. Financial Feasibility Assessments
Presentation Skills Snippet Series

Presented by Chris Huet, Communications Coach and Director, Understood Consulting Services

  1. Increasing confidence when presenting
  2. Engaging the audience for increased understanding and memorability
  3. How to present with a strong, clear and authoritative voice
  4. How to use body language to reinforce your message
  5. Presenting online with clarity and engagement
  6. Using presentation slides to enhance understandability and audience interest
  7. Managing energy levels in the audience
  8. Managing question and answer sessions
  9. How to effectively include audience interaction in presentations
  10. Creating powerful endings and calls to action

Presented by Nigel Sutton, NDS Productions 

Difficult conversations role play scenarios: 

1. Your manager has unrealistic expectations of you. They want you to manage a project beyond your experience. They want the project delivered in an unrealistic time frame. You call a meeting with them to discuss.


2. Your manager has a casual attitude. Not well organised. Over talks in meetings with irrelevant information. The current project is falling behind. You need your manager to be better organised. You call a meeting with them to discuss



Deconstructing Influence

Deconstructing Influence

Date: Tuesday 7 February 2023

In part 1 of this YEA CPD Series webinar, you'll discover how influence is an ever-evolving skill set that requires nurturing and developing. 

  • The 3 C's that comprise the foundation of real influence in the 21st century
  • Key trends that make or break the success of your influence, long-term
  • What to expect both internally and externally on your journey to becoming a key person of influence


How to become influential

How to become influential

Date: Tuesday 7 March 2023

In part 2 of this YEA CPD Series webinar, you'll discover: 

  • Daily exercises to build (and rebuild!) your influencer skills in today's ever-changing environment
  • The assessment criteria that determines how and when to influence for success
  • Proven and practical strategies to find your voice and perform influence in your work and life.


Communication using a data visualisation lens

Communication using a data visualisation lens

Date: Tuesday 14 March 2023

Join this webinar to learn all about: 

  • why using charts is far more effective when data storytelling
  • some insights and basic rules when visualising data
  • how to effectively present your insights to your audience.