Being a Student Ambassador for Engineers Australia is an exciting opportunity and will set you up with useful skills that can only be gained through experience.

What are we looking for in a Student Ambassador?

  • You're able to engage with your on-campus community in a way that's exciting and relatable.
  • You want to bring your excellent ideas to the table to benefit your peers
  • You want to help support O-Week events and Career Days
  • You want to work with Engineers Australia to be the voice of the profession on campus

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Which universities are currently looking for Student Ambassadors?


We are currently not taking applications for Student Ambassadors.


What does it mean to be a Student Ambassador for Engineers Australia?


Your primary responsibility is to be a representative of Engineers Australia at your campus by actively helping other engineering students to understand and benefit from all that’s offered by Engineers Australia.

Engineers Australia Ambassadors form an essential part of the Engineers Australia tertiary team across Australia by providing an on-campus presence and link to events hosted on campus. The program aims to help student engineers gain valuable future career skills, all with the guidance of Engineers Australia resources.

As a Student Ambassador, Engineers Australia is committed to supporting you in your engineering degree and entering the profession upon graduation. Through volunteering as an ambassador with Engineers Australia it’s our aim to equip you with the following:

  • Valuable skills and experience that employers look for in new graduates, for example communications skills, leadership skills, and organisational skills.
  • What it takes to be a leader, by standing out to other students and future employers as a leader in your community.
  • Connections with employers and industry contacts.
  • Contribute to the engineering community by helping others.
  • Get exposure and build your professional profile.
How much time will I spend being a Student Ambassador?


While this is a volunteer position, we typically ask that Student Ambassadors invest around two hours per week (or 10 hours per month, or 100 hours per year – however you like to look at it!). February and December are usually the busiest times of the year for a Student Ambassador, so the time commitment won’t interfere with your exam periods… although we do understand that your new role might come as a productive distraction!

It’s preferred that Student Ambassadors are in their second or third year of studying and are able to be an ambassador until they complete their engineering degree and graduate.

How many other Student Ambassadors will I get to work with?


You’ll be part of a team, as we select around 2-5 Student Ambassadors at each university that has an engineering program accredited by Engineers Australia. The number of ambassador positions will depend on the number of engineering students studying in accredited programs at the campus, so the chances are you’ll have at least a couple of other teammates to support you.

What are some of the key things I’ll do as a Student Ambassador?


Maybe you’re someone who loves to get out there and support their peers? Perhaps you’re proactive and love to take initiative? Or maybe you’re looking to gain some new skills? If any of the above sounds like you, then you could be a perfect fit for the role!

Some of the activities you'll get to help out with include:

  • Representing Engineers Australia at student-focused events during the year such as O-Week, Club Carnivals, Careers Expos, and Industry Nights.
  • Promoting Engineers Australia activities, membership and the Young Engineers Australia community.
  • Attending on-campus events, and host two separate live streaming sessions of the Engineers Australia careers webinar series at your university campus.
  • Working with Engineers Australia staff and other ambassadors by participating in meetings, training, and reporting. This might be done via email, the Engineers Australia Ambassador Facebook group, and group phone/video conferences.
  • Assisting in developing a plan for engagement activities at your campus, and contributing content and information to the Young Engineers Australia community and its Facebook groups.
  • All while maintaining the perks of a student membership with Engineers Australia.
What does a week in the life of a Student Ambassador look like?


An example of a week in the life of a Student Ambassador might look a little something like this:

Monday: Speak to your relationship manager and find out if there is any news or new events to promote. Build a mini-plan about how you want to communicate this to your peers (for example, through lectures, social media, posters).

Tuesday: Arrive at your 3.00 pm lecture to provide a brief presentation about what’s on for Young Engineers this week to your peers. Make a post on Facebook with the same information and interact with any students who have questions.

Wednesday: Help set-up and attend a meet and greet on campus to get to know some of the other people in your cohort.

Thursday: Send your relationship manager a quick email with the activities you completed this week, what worked, and what could be done differently next time.

Friday: Relax, it’s nearly the weekend!

Do I need any qualifications to become a Student Ambassador?


Nope! But we do ask that you complete some online training, which will be sent to you after your Student Ambassador initiation. The training will equip you with all you need to know to dive headfirst into your new role.

You’ll learn about:

  • Key messages about the value of an Engineers Australia membership.
  • Your duties and how to be proactive in carrying them out with limited direction/supervision.
  • How to use the reporting processes for student ambassadors.
  • How to professionally communicate Engineers Australia values, membership and resources to your peers.
Is there anything else I should know before applying?


We are very thankful for our Student Ambassadors and want to make sure you understand how much we appreciate the work you do on behalf of Engineers Australia.

Each Student Ambassador who successfully completes their ambassadorship receives:

  • A certificate of recognition (paper and digital) issued by Engineers Australia at the end of their term, based on successful completion of duties.
  • Access to one online training course from Engineers Australia through myCPD to help you in your continuing professional development.
  • One year of graduate membership with Engineers Australia FREE at the end of your tenure as a Student Ambassador.


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