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When: Tuesday 21 September, 2021

5:00pm - 6.00pm AEST


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As Road Authorities throughout ANZ begin to develop and embrace Digital Engineering processes and standards, the broader industry is expected to deliver on these requirements.
It is obvious, the industry is being pushed into this paradigm shift. However, the question needs to be asked: Is the industry ready?

This webinar will demonstrate the progress of Bentley Systems ongoing work to highlight Authoring Application and Digital Twin workflows.


Dave Body

Dave Body

Senior Industry Strategy Manager, Bentley Systems

Dave Body is a Senior Industry Strategy Manager, Design Engineering with Bentley Systems. His role is focused within the ANZ region with a particular focus on Road and Rail opportunities and entails a wide range of tasks, including Business Development responsibilities through to Constructioneering related responsibilities. Dave has also served as a Solutions Executive for the Road and Bridges sector and within the Mining sector and as a Solutions Engineer/Architect with Bentley Software within the Road, Rail and Mining sectors. 

Before joining GEOPAK Corporation, Dave held the role of Senior Civil Designer/ Surveyor within a Western Australian municipality. Throughout 1985-1989 Dave held a number of civil and survey-related roles within a number of privately held civil and surveying consultancies. Dave holds a Diploma in Engineering Surveying and a Certificate in Civil Engineering.

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