Hear from the students that have done it already and learn about their experiences working in industry. Learn all about Tuong 's early career journey in engineering including the opportunities and challenges she's gone go through whilst on the job. 

Tuong Ho

Name: Tuong Ho

Location: Northern Territory

University and Course: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), Charles Darwin University

Graduation: End of 2023

Where did you undertake your internship?

 I had my internship at Aurecon in my second year in the Construction and Building industry. 

Why did you choose to complete an internship early in your degree? 

I wanted to discover the industry sector that interest me most, learn how the theories can be applied in real life and to develop my skills at an early stage.

How did you find out about your internship opportunity?

I upgraded my CV to be professional and related to the internship by briefly summing up all the related knowledge and skills I have learnt and any university projects in which I have been involved.

I created a difference in my CV by adding volunteering experiences. I actively took part in any engineering-relatedvolunteering experiences, such as volunteering with EA, to have different stories to tell in the interviews and gain great connections that I can ask them for guidance and offer them to be my referrals.

What opportunities has your internship given you?

It’s giving me further employment, referrals and other internships. 

What advantages has completing the internship given you? 

Practical knowledge that I can apply to my university studies, skill development in professional communication and software knowledge, opportunity to try different industry sectors, great connections and mentors from whom I could learn different perspectives of being an engineer.

What was the biggest challenge you faced during your internship?

My English was a challenge, sometimes I was quite slow in catching up on what everyone was discussing. However, if that was an important thing or something that raised my  interests, I would always find a way to ask.

What was the main thing that you learnt during your internship that you’ve since been able to apply to your professional life/studies?

1. The practical experiences from the internship, which provided me with a deeper understanding of what I am studying because I could see how this knowledge could be applied in real life.

2. Professional communications and leadership.